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Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, is celebrating over 48 years of thought-provoking analysis, discussion and review.


Volume 44, Issue 3
(Spring 2018)

Philosophy as Awareness of Fundamental Problems, or Leo Strauss’s Debt to Heidegger’s Aristotle
by Rodrigo Chacón

Why a World State Is Unnecessary: The Continuing Debate on World Government
by W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz

Reading Benardete: A New Parmenides
by Laurence Lampert

An Exchange: Nietzsche’s Final Teaching Ronald Beiner and Charles U. Zug
by Michael Allen Gillespie

On Nietzsche’s Final Teaching: A Response to My Critics
by Michael Allen Gillespie

Developing a Nietzschean Account of Musical Form: A Rejoinder to Michael Gillespie’s Response
by Charles U. Zug


What Is Wrong with Human Rights?
La loi naturelle et les droits de l’homme by Pierre Manent
reviewed by José A. Colen


For Humanism, edited by David Alderson and Robert Spencer
reviewed by Marco Andreacchio

Tyrants: A History of Power, Injustice, and Terror by Waller R. Newell
reviewed by Bernard J. Dobski

James Madison and Constitutional Imperfection by Jeremy D. Bailey
reviewed by Jerome C. Foss

The Virtue Ethics of Levi Gersonides by Alexander Green
reviewed by Raymond Hain

Public Intellectuals in the Global Arena: Professors or Pundits?, edited by Michael C. Desch
reviewed by Richard Jordan

Fate and Freedom in the Novels of David Adams Richards by Sara MacDonald and Barry Craig
reviewed by Mary Mathie

“Philosophie und Religion”: Schellings Politische Philosophie by Ryan Scheerlinck
reviewed by Tyler Tritten